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Contemporary Paranormal : Contemporary Gothic



contemporary paranormals

Fur, Fangs, and fantastic tales of action, adventure, magic and romance

ursula bauer's immortal protectorIMMORTAL PROTECTOR
The Eternity Covenant book 1.

An immortal soldier defies the ancient Gods he serves and puts his existence and the world at risk when he saves the life of the mortal woman he swore to kill.

Gideon Sinclair, an immortal, shape-shifting soldier, defies the ancient gods he serves, risking his existence and the future of the mortal world, when he saves the life of the woman he was sworn to kill: Dr. Megan Carter. For centuries he’s fought for justice and balance in the eternal struggle between good and evil. Gideon challenges destiny and the forces aligning against her, but when Meg becomes more than a mission, will he be able to accept the healing love she offers or will their enemies and the demons of his past be their undoing?

Meg’s accidental contact with an artifact sacred to the Goddess Isis thrusts her into the midst of a centuries old battle between two rival gods, and makes her the target of a crazed magician bent on unlocking the secrets of immortality. With nowhere to turn and no one to trust, she puts her life in the hands of the lethal, enigmatic Gideon, and is drawn into his dark world. She can’t resist the passionate desire he stirs, but will she pay the ultimate price when she falls for a man who no longer has a heart?



ursula bauer's immortal illusionsIMMORTAL ILLUSIONS
The Eternity Covenant book 2.

What would you risk to make your darkest dream a reality?

Outcast sorcerer Jack Madden has waited fifty years to take revenge against the Council of Wardens for wrongly convicting him of a crime, binding his powers beyond repair. When the Council turns to him to help retrieve four missing arcane artifacts, Jack decides it’s his best shot at vengeance. And Raine Spencer—fearful of her power and clueless about how to use it—is his perfect mystical surrogate and mark.

Raine loyally serves the Council of Wardens as a top Occult Operations Analyst, but she longs to take the sacred oath and become a knight. With the taint of Elven blood in her veins, she has a snowball’s chance in hell of making that dream a reality—until she is chosen by “Mad Jack” to act as a mystical surrogate.

Raine is ready to face down her fear of her wild Elven side, and team up with the most unprincipled scoundrel to ever haunt the halls of the Council of Wardens.

But is she ready to pay the price with her heart?

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contemporary gothic books

Love, death and things that go bump in the night

ursula bauer's a haunting affairA HAUNTING AFFAIR

A psychic confronts ghosts, murder and a haunting mystery, and finds love in the arms of her enemy and boss - a skeptical ex-cop turned security billionaire.

Ex-cop turned private security consultant Sam Tyler made a deathbed promise to uncover the truth behind the murder of his friend’s wife at a remote Adirondack lodge, and his sense of duty won’t let him fail. When he realizes the case is at a dead end, and the lodge is haunted, he fast concludes his only hope of making good on that promise is Emma Bishop, a psychic with a shady past. He’s a man who believes in hard evidence and stone cold proof, but with too little of either, he’s ready to take his chances with Emma.

Emma grew up with con-artist parents, but went legit when she hit eighteen. She knows the action at Holloway Lodge is a dangerous game, but one she needs to play if she plans to build on her already formidable reputation. Falling hard and fast for her employer, Sam Tyler, is an unwanted complication she never sees coming. Not only is he a former cop, he’s looking for happy ever after, and she sees love as the ultimate liability.

The dead demand justice and she can’t turn away, even with a murderer drawing a target on her back. As old secrets and fresh bodies turn up, Emma and Sam race against time to bring the truth to light. Neither plans on the attraction they share kicking into overdrive, but with danger and passion heating to the flash point, life, and love are put to the ultimate test.

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ursula bauer's in the fleshIN THE FLESH

Reunited with a lost love, a gustsy reporter faces off against a legion of ghosts, doing what ever it takes to bring down a killer and win a second chance at true love.

Investigative reporter Angel Malone lost her professional reputation and the love of her life, FBI Agent Colt Lannigan, chasing down a missing persons story riddled with conspiracy and dead ends. Now she’ll risk the only thing she has left to prove a mass murderer is behind the disappearances – her life. All she has to do is break into an abandoned insane asylum and steal the proof before the killer turns up.

Angel thought she was ready for anything. But with Colt's reappearance and the raw heat of their attraction surging back to life, and the evil madness hidden in the bowls of Parker Sanitarium, she realizes this sick and twisted game may have an higher price. Unsure if Colt’s an ally or an enemy, she’ll take the fight to the front lines, and brave mad science, magic and ravenous ghosts all in the name of truth and a second chance at love.

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