The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii and destroyed its civilization.

The Eruption of Krakatoa led the world into a dark age.

The island of Atlantis was decimated, it's great race of beings disappeared without a trace.

The Library of Alexandria, destroyed by angry mobs.

Plagues. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Wars. Cataclysms of unprecedented magnitude. Unbridled bloodshed and madness. Knowledge lost. Civilizations wiped out. Time shred. History re-lived, revamped, re-invented again and again and again, all at the cost of mortal lives.

They all had one thing in common. The machinations of the Gods of Myth.

Each land had its legends and lore, it's pantheon of patron Gods. The Gods warred amongst each other, and the pantheons clashed, as did the mortal followers. And as powers were unleashed, destiny was destroyed and reborn again and again. Time was ripped apart and stitched back together, but each time the threads were more fragmented then before.

Then came the loss of Atlantis and any trace of the residents. History had again been reinvented, but at a cost no one could have anticipated. The fragile fabric of time, space, and reality was torn to shreds and the dimension neared total collapse.

At last, the Gods took notice. They had gone too far this time.

The world was not so quick to recover. More important than the simple residents of Atlantis, Gods were lost in the reforming of time and space. Not just fallen. Wiped out. Worse yet, the memories of most the Gods became sketchy, as if something was siphoning off what they thought and knew to be true. Suddenly the all knowing were cast in doubt. And the seers and mystics and oracles of all nations began to get messages of more cataclysms to come. They saw not just the end of the world, but the end of the time line. And at last the Gods decided to come to the table and attempt to address what had been done.

From this first convening of thirteen different Gods and Goddesses, the Eternity Covenant was born. A pact amongst the Gods who agreed to abide by a set of rules designed to curb the worst of wars, petty arguments, vengeance strikes, and time travel, that if followed would help preserve the dimension — the line that housed not just the mortal realm but that of the Gods. If they toned it down, the time line would have a chance to survive.

And from that pact, came the policing and judgment arm: the Tribunal. Comprised of a hand full of select Justice Deities, their immortal champions selected from the best mortal warriors, and enforcers, they monitor the Gods, and followers, and dispense justice as seen fit to all who are found guilty of infractions against the Covenant.

Also formed from the most loyal followers and the greatest oracles and mystics was the Council of Wardens. Lead by three Elder Wardens and an appointed High Warden, they work with the mystics to monitor all goings on within the mortal and deity realm, searching to find points in the future of negative convergences — where elements come together that pose a threat to eternity and the time line. Once found, they devise ways to interrupt the convergences, including 'taking' elements 'out of play': the Warden's euphemism for sanctioned assassinations. The Wardens are the true believers in the Covenant, and they will go to any extreme to carry out their charge of protection.

In the modern age, the Gods have settled into a cold war atmosphere, the Covenant activities referred to as "The Game". But the peril to the dimensional time line is at its greatest ever, for the mortals are rediscovering magic, and the earth herself is purging the secrets of arcane antiquities every day. Followers of these Gods conspire to gain power and even within the elite of the Covenant of Wardens, there are those who work for their own ends, despite the risk, despite the cost.

The Players


The Tribunal is the small, elite gathering of select Gods and Goddess of Justice. They exist above reproach, and exist to investigate, judge and mete out punishment to those within the organization who are suspected of committing treason and any other high crimes against the Eternity Covenant.

The Champions

Immortal soldiers serve as appointed champions to these Gods and Goddesses of Justice. When a champion is called in to the job, the stakes are high, the judgement final. These men and women are hand selected because they are above the normal sway of things like base emotions. They exist in a world apart, a small class of elite soldiers who do the hardest of jobs, without question, or fear. They often face off against the very Gods that align in the covenant. Champions are given gifts by the patron deity, including shape shifting abilities, such as turning to mist, or changing into animal form. It's found to be helpful in completing many of the difficult missions, and gives them a substantial edge against the powerful enemies they are often forced to confront.


They play the cloak and dagger game of monitoring the time line, the Gods, their followers, with consummate skill. Each Elder Warden has Knights and Mystics as well as Occult Operations Analysts and Strike Teams in service to them. The Knights and Mystics are conferred immortality, like a champion, but they are sworn to protect the Covenant, not to judge or mete out punishment. The OOA's and Strike Teams are humans who form the operational backbone of the Wardens.


The Gods and Goddess of the various pantheons of myth who have sworn to abide by , uphold, and protect the tenets of the Covenant. At least, on the surface. Their never ending politics, machinations and actions of followers still continues, however scaled back. Where there is a God, there is an agenda, and where there is an agenda, the dimension is at risk.